Few Facts About Home Furniture Repairs

Home Furniture Repairs

Over a period, our home furniture is subjected to a lot of physical abuse. How many times have you accidentally spilled hot chocolate on your desk or slammed the drawers due to stress or frustration? Being a homeowner if you have not yet decided to get a brand-new set, you can just restore them back to their former glory by picking the latest trend from The Furniture Connoisseur. For more details regarding furniture restoration, you can always browse the website www.home-ideas.in to get few innovative ideas to maintain your favorite furniture.

Know the basics of restoration

Refinishing is a practical and perfect way to give a new look to your old furniture. You can do this on your own with the help of some tools. Hence don’t waste your money on a new set of furniture, if you can restore your old ones. You can make them look good as new. Just stick around. Refinishing starts with performing necessary repairs, then sanding the repaired pieces and finally refinishing them with varnish.

Repair: As the first and foremost step in repair or restoration, let’s break down the process bit by bit. Loose parts should be re-glued together or, much better, fastened with nails, but be careful doing this. The wood tends to crack, so use the appropriate size of nails. Broken or cracked pieces should be replaced. Consider replacing the old drawer pulls if necessary. This is to give your old drawer a fresh look, like what you will do in the next steps in restoring the furniture.

Sanding: Once the broken and loose pieces are secured and re-glued together, it’s now time to sand the pieces. This process is required to strip off the old paint, varnish or other finishing materials used on your furniture. But before sanding the pieces of your home furniture, make sure to conceal the deep scratches, dents or cracks with wood filler that matches the color of the furniture. Once dried, you can now start sanding the pieces. You can do this manually or with the help of an electric hand sander. You must use only fine-grade sandpaper to remove the old finish.

Finishing: To finish the process of restoration, you have to choose the stain color that will correspond to the existing color of your furniture. It’s better to apply two thin coats of a stain than applying one heavy coat of stain. Just make sure you let the furniture dry first before applying the second coat. As a final coating, you can either use polyurethane or tung oil to be the protective covering for the furniture. Let the pieces dry for at least for a couple of days.

A new replacement is not always the solution for used and abused home furniture. Often, the furniture retains the original shape. Maybe some loose ends or faded finish is your only problem. Refinishing your old set of home furniture will not be as hard as you think; just a little effort is required to bring your lovely furniture back to life.

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