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What To Feed A Pet Rat?

Feed A Pet Rat

We all love pets so much and why not, after all they are so cute. When taken care properly a pet can be a real delight to their owner without a doubt. People who keep pet rats will understand how much effort it takes to keep a tiny animal like that healthy and happy. People often ask what can I feed my rat? According to www.thespruce.com/pet-rats-1236745 pet rats need the same amount of care like it is necessary for other types of domestic pets. They seem like a small organism, but their needs are no different. They can be moody, aggressive and fall sick when not given proper attention.

A pet rat needs a diet that has a combination of all the healthy items like proteins, nutrients and a little bit of fat. Anything in excess can be nasty for the pet rat as they are tiny and susceptible. Surprisingly, rats are a huge fan of fresh vegetables and fruits. One can feed them with broccoli, grapes, and blueberries if you want to go organic. Apart from fruits and vegetables, you can also provide them with chicken and beef. For your pet rat, chicken would be an excellent choice when compared to other forms of red meat because it has lesser fat content.

At the local store, we see rat food sold over the counter. Before buying read the ingredients properly as the content might not be apt for your rat. Rat blocks are a healthy diet that will supplement all the necessary minerals to the rat. However, a rat cannot be fed a block or pellet all the time. To keep them naturally healthy allow them to eat something organic and let them do their kind of natural activities. The most vigorous form of a block for rats is the Oxbow regal rat food which comes at a reasonable price and is rich in nutritional value.

Let us now move on to the different types of food that we can feed our pet rats. Fruits are a friend to rats like bananas in the mashed form are fantastic for them. Add small nuts on the top to make a perfect banana pudding for the rat. Other fruits like plums, melons, berries, and cherries can be given to them. Veggies such as peas, mashed potatoes, kale, and squash are a good option too. Cooked beans are very healthy for a rat and can be fed with other items. Feed them mealworms to give them the additional nutritional value.

Many owners mix a little bit of dog food with their rat food which is alright. Remember to keep the quantity in moderation though as dog food is meant for a big animal as compared to a small rat. When feeding stuffs like bread to the rat make sure you soak the bread in water or milk. Otherwise, there have been cases when a rat starts to choke over a portion of food. Any small carelessness can endanger the life of your beloved pet rat. Therefore, carefulness is a must as having a pet is a huge commitment.

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