The Significance Of Vacuum Breaker

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Vacuum breaker or backflow preventer as the name suggests prevents contamination of potable water in your home or neighborhood. There are many ways water could be contaminated and it could be due to the chemical garden sprayer getting into potable water. Another instance could be the chemicals being siphoned back into the water supply leading to a neighborhood contamination. These are common instances and have occurred many times but ironically the cost of fixing it is very high. can help in fix the problem using vacuum breaks at a very small price. has endorsed the efforts of companies that specializes in valves since 1983 and offering best solutions for water contamination.

The vacuum breaker is installed in two common places, first at the sillcocks, it is where you connect the garden hose and the laundry skin taps. If there is no inbuilt vacuum breaker there may be a need to place one at the sillcocks. In case the sillcock does not come with a mushroom cap it is time for an external vacuum breaker. In the case of laundry sink taps, a vacuum breaker is needed if there is a provision to attach to the garden hose.

The installation of vacuum breaker is recommended through a licensed contractor. For self installation it is important to take precautions. There are different types of assembly and this includes atmospheric anti-shipon vacuum breaker assembly or AVB. It works on the principle of atmospheric pressure. The back flow is stopped as the float disc is dropped down when there is a sudden change in the water pressure.

Pressure Anti-Siphon Vacuum breaker or PVB assembly is flexible irrespective of control valves. The valves can be placed over or below the ground. It comes with a shut off valve along with test ports facilitating easy testing and functioning of the system. It is tested yearly to ensure contamination free drinking water.

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